Finders Keepers: Drop Cap Class with Jessica Hische

I usually post Finders Keepers post on Fridays, but there is no way this one could wait until then. Yesterday I got an email from Skillshare announcing early enrollment in a new class they will be offering in November. It’s called Introduction to Lettering: One Letterform at a Time and the best part is Jessica Hische is teaching it! I


Finders Keepers: 105 Best Free Fonts

This week’s Finders Keepers is more like a jackpot. I found a site that list 105 best free font downloads! And let me tell you they really are some of the best. Here are some other finds from this week: Pretty perfect bow ring DIY I love these little vintage illustrations California never looked so good

Finders Keepers: Be Free, Lance

This week’s Finders Keepers is more like a gold mine then just a find. Breanna Rose has a column on her blog called Be Free, Lance. It is full of helpful information for freelance designers. She has just about covered all the questions I could ever ask. Anything from contracts and project management, to packaging files for development. I’ve just about


Finders Keepers: The Fauxmartha

This find is a little different then the usual Finders Keepers posts. Have you ever heard of The Fauxmartha? Melissa is an amazing tallented graphic designer and food enthusiast that just so happens to have the same alma mater as Jake and I! I recognized her profile picture on the Alt Summit facebook group and contacted her right away. How cool is it that we


Finders Keepers: Bloom Theory

I’ve just realized that a lot of my Finders Keepers have been camera things lately. I hope you don’t mind. There are just so many cool cameras and accessories out there. This week I found Bloom Theory. They make cute, dramatic, yet practical camera straps. Jake and I share a camera so unfortunately I don’t think he would want to be sporting around one of these.


Lost in the Boxes

I’m a little lost in boxes today. My goal is to get most everything finished and packed up today. Crossing my fingers. I’ll be back tomorrow with a Finders Keepers. I hope you have a wonderful day!